About Us

About Our Electronic Industrial Control Equipment Suppliers

ITC Products is a wholly owned Australian company based in Melbourne, Victoria. We engage in the manufacture, importation and supply of a wide range of electrical and electronic industrial control equipment, together with barrel electroplating services to government, corporate and private clients.

From our beginnings as Industrial Timers and Controls in 1973, we have grown and developed our manufactured line of products from our initial core work in electro-mechanical cam timers, solenoids, and switches. Today we provide a comprehensive range of products that serve various industries both nationally and internationally.

ITC Products first expanded its manufactured product line in 1983 when Action Transformers was created, adding the arm of transformer manufacturing to ITC Products. Within the next 12 months Den Dee Instruments a manufacturer of magnetic limit and safety switches and later D.Trimble Electroplaters, electroplaters of various metals were acquired.

Later a move to a larger premises in Melbourne’s South East enhanced ITC Products’ manufacturing capabilities and additional opportunities were sought. In 1990 Stylronics, a manufacturer of diesel control modules and circuits, and then New Air Products a 50-year-old manufacturer of tilt switches, timers and mercury relays were purchased.

Together with an impressive line of Australian manufactured products, ITC Products has developed a long association with a number of world leading companies in the electrical field. ITC Products has key distributorship agreements with Crouzet, Mechetronics, Guardian Electric, Durakool for the Australian market.

ITC Products have the capability to meet any of your specific requirements, contact us today on +61 3 9791 6211to discuss your particular needs.