Timer Relays

Well look no further.

ITC Products is a leading supplier of quality Timer Relays, and offers a complete range of Crouzet C-Lynx Control Relays. Operating out of it’s Dandenong South headquarters for over 40 years, they have built a proud reputation of delievring the very best in tailored solutions for many satisfied customers.

The Crouzet range of Control Relays offer the user a high level of reliability whilst simplifying the installation and use of the products. The range spans over Current, Voltage and Phase Control Relays as well as Level Control Relays.

Crouzet offer Intelligent designs for simple and reliable operation

  • Settings are entered directly onto the control panel
  • Level, phase, current and single-phase voltage relays take up little space – Din format of 17.5 or 22.5mm for 3-phase currents
  • The Current, Voltage and Phase Control Relays are designed for monitoring and protection of networks, motors, lighting zones, machines and areas where the slightest production halt represents a sizeable cost
  • The Level Control Relays are ideal in water and food processing applications and in machines where tanks are filled with various liquids

ITC Products offer the range of Crouzet C-Lynx Control Relays and are designed to deliver excellence in functionality and reliability. These impressive systems provide the ideal solution to your Control Relay requirements.


  • Positive logic output to protect installations in the event of a power failure.
  • True RMS guaranteed regardless of interference on the electrical supply.
  • Better integration in industrial and commercial cabinets thanks to modular casings and industrial casings.
  • Simplified installation thanks to a power supply for single-phase products and a self-powered version for three-phase products.
  • The combination of a number of control functions in one unit optimizes wiring time and simplifies installation.
  • A range of power supplies from 24 to 240 V in one unit for optimized stocks.

 ITC Products Pty Ltd, we manufacture a variety of different solenoids to be used in all kinds of applications. Here are just a few of the types of solenoids we can create:

Timer Relays simplified for you

The Timer Relay is an electronic device which can be used to detect and monitor physical values or electrical values. If a device is found to be operating abnormally, the control relay trips to halt its operation.

What role do they perform

Protecting, Monitoring

The control relay is used to protect machines by monitoring values such as current, voltage, phase presence and sequence, levels, etc.

The control relay ensures total availability of equipment, a major challenge for industries keen to improve their productivity and operating profits.

It is one of the indispensable monitoring components for ensuring continuity of service of each installation.

Sensing, Alerting

If a fault is detected, the machine is not allowed to run and the user is informed of the anomaly by a visual signal.

Once alerted, the user can then correct any malfunctions. This avoids expensive breakdowns, synonymous with production delays and loss of profitability.

Controlling, Triggering

In level control, the control relay takes on a different role: it controls the pump in order to manage the level of water in a container (tank, swimming pool, sink, etc). Directly interfacing with probes, it triggers a signal and thus safeguards against machine breakdowns due to threshold adjustment.

ITC Products have the experience and know-how to meet any of your Electronic Industrial Timer/Control Relay requirements, contact us today on 03 9791 6211 to discuss your particular needs or for any further advise.